Recoding my stuff

I’m recoding some old projects cause my boot drive died. It’s a sad day for everyone. You’d think that after I’ve done the same thing over and over again I’d learn to, you know, back up my code. I always loose code when ever I have to reset my PC. I’m honestly embraced that I do it so much. The last time I did this wasn’t so bad as I lost code that was just tedious to write, but not hard. This time I lost a load of bug fixes that I spent DAYS working on… I’m NOT doing that again, so I’m gonna restart. I know what I’m doing even more so than before so this time it’ll be a snap. 

What I was trying to do

What I was trying to do the last time, is the same thing I’m gonna do this time. Though I have a better name this time! Squirrel Toolbox. I’m creating a one stop location for my software. That is one software will download and update my “apps”. You can use just one at a time of course as I’m for choices. When you run the toolbox app any aditional apps you have installed will show up in the top bar and you can switch between them without leaving the toolbox app. You can also just open one app at a time and just use the toolbox app as an updater.  I’m thinking of adding the ability for other people to create “apps” as well, but this is something I have to think on as I worry about security. 

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