Mr. Squirrely C# Devloper A C# developer who is inspired to create software for everyone!


My name is James. You can call me James, Jimmie, Mr. Squirrely, Squirrely, or Frank! I am a programmer with a passion for game and desktop development. I love to better my knowledge. Right now I'm working on learning Unity and! My main focus is C# but I do know a little Java. I am most interested in UI design as I hate looking at software that looks bad. I also like creating things that are really easy to use. Have a program that does 100x more things you need it to do is a pain to use! I first learned Java as Minecraft uses Java and I wanted to create a mod for said game. I might start learning Javascript as Minecraft Bedrock Edition is developing an API that uses "Minecraft Script Engine", which is just Javascript, to create mods. I'm not 100% sure what I want to do with this website yet. I might create some tutorials on things that I have learned how to do.


Squirrely Converters

Easy to use converters for everyone. An image converter, A Video converter, and more.




January 2016 - Lead Developer @