The Squirrel and the Jackal

One day Jimmie a lovely squirrel was walking to school. On his way to school he saw a jackal sitting on the ground. Jimmie walked over to the jackal and with a big grin on his face asked “Wah’cha doing?” The jackal looked up with big blue eyes and responded “I’m playing with some rocks.”
Confused Jimmie asked “Well I don’t see any rocks around here, How in the world are you playing with rocks?”
“They took them!” The jackal replied while pointing to a group of foxes.
Angry Jimmie marched over to the group and yelled “Hey! You Num’Nut! You took my friends rocks! I would like you to give them back!”
The group of foxes turned around a looked at Jimmie, that is when Jimmie noticed that they were bigger than him. ‘Dang the guys have to be in the Fifth grade!’ Jimmie thought to himself.
Jimmie wasn’t ready to die, he had not even found a friend yet! In the background Jimmie could hear the jackal yelling “Hey you leave my friend alone!” the jackal marched right up to the group.
once he got there he just stared into Jimmie’s eyes with fright. Both of them knew what was coming, they both knew that they were going to die. 
But as luck would have it, the school bell rang and the group of foxes just walked away. Jimmie turns to the jackal “Thanks for sticking up for me, My name is Jameson by the way… but people just call me Jimmie!” The jackal responds “Thanks for helping me, My name is Jack… People just call me Jack though…”
Walking way together Jimmie says “I think we are going to be good friends!”