The short story of the kid in English class

One day there was a kid. He was sitting in English class. The teacher told him he had to write a short story. He was sitting there waiting for the teacher to tell him what about. Before the teacher spoke, the kid noticed there was a tinge of silence.

The teacher said “All you have to do is write a short story, and turn in your first paragraph so i can review it.”

The kid revolted by saying “Well I can’t write a short story. I don’t know how!”

All the teacher did was stare at him. So he started to think. He thought and thought, He thought so hard he finally thought so something. He wrote

Yo Mark, what are you doing? I found a dog on the street. I went to it go see if it was still alive, it was.

When the teacher saw she laughed.

“You have to do better boy.”

“Fine.” He replied sadly.

He then wrote this story,

I was sitting there and the Evil Evil teacher told me to write something, a story. I said NO! I will not write a story! she starts to pull out a sword so I pulled out my gun and…

“No! Write something else!”

The kid sat there and wrote this,

One day there was a kid. He was sitting in English class…