Squirrel Toolbox

Squirrel Toolbox is a toolbox application that has many different and useful programs. This is my final attempt at creating something like this, but this time I know what I’m doing. This will be the hub app for every software I create. You can use the toolbox application itself or run each application by itself.

  • Image Converter

    A very simple to use but advanced image converter application. Convert your images to and from JPG, PNG, WEBP, and more!

  • Video Converter

    Another simple to use but advanced converter, this time for GIF, WEBM, and more!

  • Image Duplicate Finder

    This is a moderately easy to use program to find duplicate images. Supports all major formats.

  • Zip Program

    A beautiful Zip Program using LZMA.

  • Working Project

    This is a working project, though I gave a little bit of a hint. I'm trying to find out how to do what I want to do.

I am currently in the process of developing said  program and the suite of apps to go along with it. I’ve done this once before, but lost a lot of progress when my boot drive died, so I get to start AGAIN!!! so here is a picture of some website code. I don’t know which?