A Thought True to You

Roses are Red,

Something is Blue,

I couldn’t think of anything,

So this is for you!


Your smile is creepy,

Something about beauty,

Eyes like glue?,

They will stick to you?

(That can’t be right… can it?)


You’re a gift from the devil,

They made you in Los Angeles,

That guy I feared,

Since I was eleven!


You came in to my life,

And you turned it upside down,

You’re an absolute dick,

worth more than a kick!


I promise you everything,

Everything in my heart,

I promise to hate you,

as long as I live!


You’re my absolute world,

You mean nothing to me,

You’re imperfect,

And you always shall be!


This was something I thought up real quick for valentine’s day…

It is a parody of A Thought True To You © Sean Raine

You can find the original here : http://goo.gl/nijUs :

If you couldn’t tell I really do not like valentine’s day…